• Sisyphus Brewing (map)
  • 712 Ontario Avenue West
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55403
  • United States

Join Mike Nelson and David Berge for a live and lively version of their podcast Like Trees Walking. Mike and the learned pastor will discuss the BIG issues of being a human being on planet earth, issues of philosophy, religion, life, death, and most importantly, canned fish products. You'll laugh, you'll think, you'll laugh again, and then stop to think why you're laughing.

You will also be treated to Mike and co-host Conor Lastowka (Writer/Producer for RiffTrax) for a very special live edition of their hit podcast 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back. Mike and Conor will give you an honest, unflinching review of the upcoming Ernest Cline /Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One and also visit all your podcast favorites, including Dumb Sentence of the Week, Leaked Scenes and a very special edition of Real or FanFic?

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